Success for your guests with …

… the wish for extensive relaxation.
… constant headache resulting from stress, burnout, pressure and states of exhaustion.
… irritated skin and deep wrinkles or other necessities for skin regeneration.
… the wish to positively alter their appearance.

With Soul Diamond’s concept, you’ll bring
the diamond of your guests’ souls back to shine.

Stress, pressure and exhaustion are things that sneaked into our lives to steal it’s glamour. No wonder there’s so many people wishing they had more time for themselves and their body.

Your spa already offers a wide variety of carefully selected cremes, shampoos, massages and cosmetic treatments. So now you are wondering why we would want to expand your portfolio?

With the Soul Diamond System, you’re going to utilize specialized breathing techniques, a soft
facial meridian massages and our “energy mask”,made out of the finest silver and sparkling stones, to provide an entirely new concept with fast-acting relaxation for the whole body and the autonomic nervous system. Make it your goal to re-ignite your guests’ inner sparkle – solely through natural treatment and materials.

The natural treatment concept
for shining beauty.

Our Soul Diamond System includes comprehensive schooling of your spa personnel to provide peace and balance for your guests.

If you want to modernize your spa, expand your personnel’s skill set and treat your guests with a novel kind of deep relaxation, we will gladly organize a workshop optimized for you and your staff.