you’ll bring back YOUR DIAMONDS’ sparkle

With help from our treatment concept, you can counteract your guests’ high stress level even more effectively. Make your “diamonds”/guests shine again. Soul Diamond offers the first comprehensive system to reenforce and strengthen your guests’ deep relaxation through a physical principle found in nature. Without any unnecessary time investment.

Offer a fast acting wellness concept for the whole body that hasn’t been seen before and let your guests appreciate it’s remarkable effects on their skin and autonomic nervous system. Stand out and offer your customers products on an exciting basis that has never existed before.

With our specialized breathing techniques, a soft meridian face massage and our energy masks, made out of the finest silvers and sparkling stones, you will be able to offer a newly found, fast acting wellness concept for the whole body.

Comfort, relaxation, regeneration, stress decrease, skin tightening, inner peace and a fresh aura are part of the in-depth effect our concept has on it’s participants. Visible results through our concept let your guests experience relaxation at the highest level.

Our concept brings back your guests’ soul diamonds’ sheen.

Let go of worries and problems. Gain confidence and express beauty.


As part of our 3-day workshop, your spa personnel will broaden their knowledge and expand their service portfolio with our concept.
With our Soul Diamond System, we offer a concept for quick energy regeneration with no redundant time investment for neither your guests, nor your personnel.

Gladly we advise you personally.

  • breathing techniques
  • meridian-massage
  • product utilization (e.g. mask or footlet)


Selma Cavus-Gediga
chief executive & trainer
+49 (0)173 53 76 128 (DE/TR)

Dr. Johannes Gediga
CFO & Sales
+49 (0)173 56 35 388 (DE/EN)

Soul Diamond System
Selma Cavus-Gediga

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